Stuck And Waiting

While on a recent trip to Seattle, coming out of the mall, this was in my path.
Naturally, my sister, daughter and I wanted to pick it up, but it was ground into the pavement.
It made me think of those times, when traveling down a road in life toward a goal, I get stuck for one reason or another. And there seems no way to move forward or backward.

It’s a time to sit, wait, and…Trust in the Lord!
Those times can be so tough and frustrating, whether it’s for a short or long period of time. It can be any type of waiting. Waiting to find the right home to buy, the right job, results of a test, that perfect person to spend the rest of your life with, for that perfect person to ask the perfect question, direction…and what lot’s of authors go through…a book or story to be published that’s been accepted.

There are so many different times where we’ve done all we can do, and now…

The Bible tells the story of David the Shepherd boy who was called from the fields one day and surprise...he finds himself anointed to be the future King, by Samuel the prophet.

This didn’t happen overnight. There was a period in his life when the current King Saul wanted to kill him. He was jealous of him. So David went into hiding.
Then one day while King Saul was searching for him. King Saul went into a cave that David was hiding in. Not knowing David was in the cave, he well…did his private duty. David could have taken his life, but instead he cut off a piece of his garment. And then he felt bad about doing that much.

David could have forced his way into his rightful throne, but instead he trusted God, and the promise God made to him and waited.

That seems like a lot of trust to me. Imagine being promised something and then running for your life. And then the promise is within reach, but yet…

He chose to wait. It’s such a picture of amazing faith.
And God kept His promise to David, made him King, and blessed him in incredible ways.

Waiting is hard, believe me I know. I am waiting for a long list of things to work out right now.

It can be frustrating, but during the wait…is the time to…Trust in the Lord.


Alexa said…
I like most can so relate to "waiting". Most of my life though I can honestly say that I did not have this virtue down at ALL and went about working things out my way. I share in my blog the blunders all along the way in my journey yet now reaping the blessings of totally trusting for whatever is next.

Just when I think I am going to run out of time on a particular issue....BAM! God's hand is right there and I can see it clear as day.

Blessings in this time called "waiting" and thank you for being such a blessing to me and others sharing your heart!
Love you,

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