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I Have No Gloves!

"I have no gloves." The girl standing outside of my car said after I handed her some money. Then she showed me her red, cold hands.

I looked around our car to see if we had a spare pair and then checked to see of any of us in the car were wearing gloves. "I don't have any gloves," I said apologetically.

She showed me her hands again. "I don't have any gloves." Her face was sad. I noticed her skimpy skirt with leggings underneath; a pink backpack lay on the sidewalk.

I asked my daughter to look under the seat to see if we had any hand and foot warmers.

"I have hand warmers," she said a little frustrated. "But I have no gloves."

"I don't have any gloves." I had shaken my head before we drove away. I felt sad for her.

My first response - go to the nearby store and buy her a pair of gloves.

Until I saw the parking lot filled with cars waiting in line to park. Last minute shoppers on Christmas Eve.

Then after I bought …

I LOVE the Red Cup

The day after Thanksgiving one of my friends posted on Facebook that the Starbucks holiday cup was out. She included a picture of the red cup. It enticed me to know there was steaming hot coffee in it. Typically, I like iced coffee, but leading into the holidays, I love to carry around warm coffee in a red cup.

A few days later, though, I started to hear and see some negative things about the holiday Starbucks cup. Ridiculous things.

Shortly after I saw a post on another of my friends Facebook wall that hurt my heart. It was a post about "the stupid CHRISTIANS" and their attitude about the Starbucks cup.


STUPID Christians? Attitude?

I'm a Christian.

Along with the post, the comments about Christians took me by surprise.

Obviously, I didn't participate in that conversation.

I hadn't paid too much attention to the issue since it seemed non-legit to me, but all of the sudden I was put in a group that was "STUPID" because I am a Christian, and it was…