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If We Only Knew...

A few weeks ago it tried to snow here. My daughter and I went for a walk with our best buddies to enjoy what we could of the snow falling from the sky.

I lifted up my face toward the falling flakes and thought out loud, I sure wish these snowflakes were bigger and sticking more to the ground. It would be a lot more fun.
I stopped right after that thought and felt convicted about how I just couldn’t enjoy what was happening, but instead I needed it different, better.
That’s when I decided I would have fun no matter how much snow we had. So, for the next half hour or so I enjoyed the flakes falling down. And so did the girls!
It stopped before all of us went in, which I will admit was very disappointing, because the thought of sliding down the hill by the school on saucers was very enticing.
Instead, we went inside to have some sweets and more play-time. All in all it was a fun afternoon. I realize how easy it is to not enjoy what is right in front of me.
Like I will clean our place and while …


A couple of months ago a huge seemingly insurmountable mountain loomed before me on my path. I naturally prayed for God to take it away. Actually, my eloquent prayer went something like this…HELP!             I’ve read books on prayer, and I love to pray using the verses in the Bible too, but I could actually write a book on how God has responded to my eloquent four letter word prayer of HELP that I’ve prayed many, many times!             What I’ve discovered, about the times when I have no other words to send up, but an S.O.S. call is…God does come to my rescue.             When we reach a place in our life where we’ve never been before, never dealt with the set of circumstances that suddenly appear, or have to do something we’ve never even thought of doing, it’s an opportunity to see God work and see a bigger picture of Him.   Now, months later… when I take a look around, I’ve noticed that I am almost to the top of that huge scary insurmountable mountain and can almost see the other sid…