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One Saturday morning, while taking my shower, my daughter came into the bathroom and started drying her hair.
"Please don't do that in here. It's blowing cold air all around." I complained.
She stepped outside of the bathroom leaving the door open. Still, the breeze was making my back cold. One of my pet peeves is being interrupted or the bathroom door opening and closing while I'm taking a shower making cold air blow around.
I was about to complain some more when a thought went through my mind. It's all a matter of perspective.
Another thought, if Saeed was freed from that awful prison in the mid-east, at home, taking a shower, and his kids barged into the bathroom, he'd probably be so happy he was home with his family...a cold draft in the shower would most likely be no big deal.
I said all of this to my daughter who agreed with me.
I also went on to say, how many things do we make a big deal out of when really it's nothing, if we put it in the right …


It's 2015. Amazing!
I ended the year in a scary situation, in the hospital, with my heart acting up. I'm feeling better. I am being monitored for a few weeks.
Through all the fears, I was surrounded by so much love. I got a big reminder of how blessed I am. I really have an incredible family and incredible friends. While my husband was at work, my parents made themselves completely available to help me through this time. I was able to deal with what I was going through, and my daughter was able to have some extra Grandma and Grandpa time. I could pour out the things on my heart and they would listen. My parents stepped in and helped me when things weren't working out right. I felt safe, comforted, and encouraged. In words and actions their love poured out.
Oh, I am blessed.
And despite my husband having to work, and get ready for school, he was there to talk, hold, and try to do things to relieve stress. Along, with my daughter, who said she would do anything so I would feel…