Getting Past The Trash

Today while I was on the road to Lacey for a speaking engagement, I ended up behind a semi-truck in my lane going the same speed as the semi-truck next to him in the other lane.

I don't like to be behind vehicles that block my view of the road ahead and I had no way to pass them. I just had to bide my time until there was an opening to where I could zip by the two trucks and go on my way.

While I was waiting for an opportunity, I noticed garbage flying over the truck in front of me and past my car. Different sorts of wrappers and even a dirty cushion that would tie on to a dining room or wicker chair.

What on earth? I thought.

I also had some other thoughts go through my mind. I had just been praying about the road I was on in my own life. I have some goals that I am working toward and it's taking a bit longer to reach those goals than I would like.

It seems there is always some reason I have to wait, or something gets in my way blocking me from clearly seeing where I'm headed. Also, a lot of garbage from life can just come from out of nowhere and land in my path.

I realized that I have a choice. I could either forget my goals and just give up or trust God and keep going toward them. Sometimes that means doing all I can do and then...wait until I can do the next step. When I see an opportunity, just zip right in and do what I can to keep getting me closer and closer to my goal.

If you're waiting...or garbage has been dumped in your path...don't give up...keep going toward your goal.


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