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Hooray For Our Veterans

It's that day again, when we give honor to the veterans who have served our county. 
I honestly don't think a person could clap hard enough, cheer loud enough, or do enough things for a Veteran, whether they served in combat or not.
Any person, that is willing to go through what it takes, to learn how to protect our country deserves a standing ovation. 
Since I was a young girl there has been controversy about the different wars that have happened. Many of the Vietnam vets paid a high price not only overseas, but when they were able to put their feet back on the soil of our country. Even though there was a draft going on, the people who disagreed with the war, took it out on them when they returned.
It’s a sad thing when we turn on the very people who fight so our country remains free.
I’ve also heard the arguments about peace, not war. That would be so nice if there were no wars to be fought. But even back in Biblical times, there were wars, because there is always an enemy.