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Just One Of Those Times...

Ever have one of those issues in your life that never seems to go away? It’s something you deal with in one way or another over and over again?
Well, my husband and I have had one for a long time, and every time we seem to be overcoming this issue, we’ve been thrown a curve, and back to the drawing board we go.
A couple of weeks ago, I was really excited because I believed we were about to conquer this issue. I went to bed, praising the Lord, only to wake up in the morning to be thrown a curve.
I was so frustrated and just plain tired of the whole thing.
Well, in discouragement I picked up my Bible to do the reading required for our women’s weekly Bible study. I picked up my old Bible that I read when my favorite one isn’t just within my reach.
Now, I’ve had this old Bible for a long time. I’ve read from it periodically, but on this particular day, some colored cards fell out of my Bible.
The first one read…”Do not fear….”
The second one read…”Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray ab…