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The American flag blowing in the wind, reminds me of the many people who sacrificed their lives to protect those of us who live in this beautiful country. 
Three of my Uncle's lost their lives serving in the military for this country. Almost every man in my family has served. 
Many families have a similiar history. 
I wake up each morning knowing I have freedom to go and do what I am socially and physically able to do. I can wear what I choose, try for careers I would dream of having, work, drive a car, and be educated, etc.. 
I have freedom. 
If the country I live in is attacked, there are those who have volunteered to go, and do what is necessary to protect it.  I live with that knowledge everyday.
I thank God for allowing me to live here. 
I thank God for those who have served and give up everything to keep this country free and safe.
Thank you. Thank all of you.