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Pierced Like A Knife

The question sunk into my heart like a piercing sharp knife. Shock and then humiliation swept over me. The humiliation grew, as one by one those around me, heard what had been asked me. 
Words of encouragement and comfort were given, but the humiliation and hurt went deep. The words had hit their mark. 
Just that morning I had been excited by progress I had made in an area I had been working on in my life.
The words spoken said loud and clear the work WAS NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
The hurtful words, and then the humiliation that came from others knowing about the spoken words, was enough to make me either trip that person as they went out the door…Or not.
Or to fight the tears of anger and embarrassment, and just get out of that place before any further damage was done.
I chose the latter.
It was hard. I was hurt. I was embarrassed and the knife had hit a very tender, sore spot in me. Yes, later I cried. I complained. And it affected me for awhile.
Another question began to tap me on the shoulder. “Wha…

The Legend OR The True Valentine?

With sickness in the house, hospital visits for family these last few weeks, taxes, and doing re-writes on my most current book, Lost Song, this blog has been put on the wayside.
So, I am bringing out an oldie from a few years ago to share with you once again.

I hope you enjoy it and know that you truly are someone's special Valentine... 

I was reading the history of Valentine’s Day, and from what I found, romance is not its true root beginning. So they say. From the information I gathered, it was a day to honor a Christian martyr that was named Valentine. Now a martyr is someone who faces death rather than renouncing his religious beliefs. I’d say there had to be a lot of love and conviction to face death for anything. Still, it’s not romantic love. I also found various versions of one legend that I particularly like. I’ll give you the paraphrased version. There was this mean, horrible emperor who wanted men to be in his military, but he couldn’t get people to sign up. He figured it wa…