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Tis the Season...

Tis the season...
And a wonderful season it is.
The Christmas Season!
Many, many years ago Jesus came down from heaven to earth as a baby. He came to live among us and teach us His loving ways. Then He paid the price that none of us could pay ourselves for our sins. He was crucified and died. On the third day He rose from the dead and whoever believes in Him will be saved and live eternally with Him.
He is preparing a place for all of those who make the decision to believe in Him and follow Him.
What better reason is there to celebrate!
A few years ago, a lot of people's retirement plans went right out the door. They had worked hard to make sure to provide an income for the later years in their lives only to see it dissipate. A large number of people haven't seen their retirement be replaced yet.
It's discouraging to give so much of yourself, for your future, only to have it taken away.
Yet, our future here is really very short lived. Sometimes we don't even make it to thos…

It's So Hard To Remember

I remember, when I got my first pair of contacts, in my twenties. I walked out of the doctor’s office and thought, “Wow! This is fantastic!” Everything looked so vividly clear. And what was really great is the street lights didn’t smear at night.
When I’m around my home I can take my contacts out and function just fine, sometimes I even watch television, but out in public, I need them, so I don’t get a headache straining to see all of the different things.
Quite a few years ago, I had my second operation on my right ear. Afterward, I struggled to hear and had to pop my ear quite often. It was discovered that for some reason my ear drum would invert instead of staying smooth and round. Part of the reason was due to an Eustachian-tube dysfunction, and also the doctors believed there to be a bone problem in my ear in which exploratory surgery is needed. I’ve learned to live with the problem, although it intensified after a car accident, along with irritating noise from tinnitus.
I’ve als…