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"We won't have to buy you a back-pack this year. Last years is still in good shape." I said to my daughter when we were talking about getting school supplies.

"But I want a new one. I get a new one every year." She answered.

"Most people don't get a new one every year and yours is still really nice."

A few nights later we were coming home from the club when my daughter asked if we could go to Target.

"What do you want at Target?"

"I found some gift cards that Wanda gave me and I want to buy something."

It was kind of late, I would have had to shower and change before we went so, I said we could go in the morning. However, we didn't make it to the store until the following evening.

Sarrah went to the customer service desk when we arrived at the store to see what amount of money was left on the gift cards. It wasn't quite the amount she had been hoping it would be.

"It's not to bad. What is it you want to buy?&q…