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Fascinating Peter

The apostle Peter's life fascinates me.

From the day that Jesus approached Peter and said, “Follow me.” Peter did. He just dropped his net and followed him.

Peter was one of the three who escorted Jesus into the house of the little girl that died and Jesus rose from the dead.

He also was the one who, one minute had the right answer, Jesus is the Christ. And soon after he pulls Jesus aside and rebukes him for what Jesus is talking about. Jesus tells him to get behind him, Satan…

Still, Peter is one of the three who witnessed the transfiguration and was afraid and wanted to make a tabernacle for them.

And my favorite, it was Peter who got out of the boat and walked on water to Jesus. Yeah, he stopped focusing on Jesus and stopped walking. Instead he began to sink. But as soon as he called for help, Jesus hand was immediately there to help him. And then Jesus walked him back to the boat.

Peter just put himself out there in his walk with Jesus. And in putting himself out there h…