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In The Battlefield

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newspapers, and the News on T.V. are like a political battlefield.

There is some real hatred for our new President. It has brought out violence and discord in America. Many people feel threatened as many did when President Obama took office.

There is also some real hope for our new President. There are people who are excited about what could happen in our country while he is in office. This too has brought out a lot of discord in America.

I wasn't the President of the United States, but at one time I had a job where I was caught in the crossfire of work politics. It was awful. I went through all of the necessary steps to secure the position in the company. I got it over a person who other's believed was a shoe-in for that job.

Every decision, even after going through meetings and approvals from those who needed to approve the decisions, was met with disapproval. I was the bad guy making changes in the company. Changes that needed to be made in or…