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I Remember You...And I Thank You!

I love my freedom! I love being able to choose whatever career I want. To be able to go to the store, choose friends, go from State to State without papers. I love that I can go to church to worship, and nobody can try to force me to do it their way. I love to be able to vote for whoever I want, even though the person I vote for doesn't always win.

I love it! And I value it.

I know the freedom we experience in America doesn't come for FREE. There is a huge price that is paid by many people. Many have given their lives, lost their lives, and had to live their lives with the horrors of the atrocities that they have seen protecting this country and many other countries.

I am very grateful. I thank God for the military our country has to protect us.

My family suffered two losses, first my Uncle Ronnie, who died the year before I was born. He didn't die while in combat, but while serving his country in the military.

And then my Uncle Bobby, my dad's youngest brother, was sh…

Help In The Chaotic Storm

I let out a sigh of relief. Finally, a few moments of peace, to take a breath during a chaotic time in our lives.
I'm sitting at my desk with the window open enjoying the sounds of the birds singing intermittently between the sounds of the cars driving by, and the yard guy’s leaf blower from the senior living place across the street.
I love the sounds of the morning and I’m taking it all in as I pour out my heart on my blog.
Where to start is the big question, since the year 2015 has been quite a year for my family, and extended family. I am seriously considering making money off of 2015 and doing a reality show. 
This year has been like a waiter trying to balance too many plates on a tray as he walks to the kitchen through a crowded, loud restaurant. 
To name a few things we are balancing on our wobbly tray; more than wanted visits to the hospital, unnecessary car issues, relationship adjustments, relationship issues, and quite a few changes to our lives.

All of the things on the list …