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“Caw, Caw, Caw,” was not the sound I wanted to listen to as I snuggled in my bed for a few more minutes before I had to get up for the day. 
My husband came back in the room and shut the bedroom window against the raucous noise filling the upstairs.
I could still faintly hear those loud beaked crows interrupting the sweet sounds that normally fill the air in the morning. We have some big trees around our home and they are filled with birds who sing a sweet melody when the sun rises in the sky. It’s nice to wake up to.
Sometimes, it’s hard to block out annoying, demanding, or painful things that fill our mind during the day. It can be so hard and stressful.
When words are said that hurt or irritate, they can stick in the mind, and it’s easy to go over and over and over what was said.
Or things that happen just in the drive to work, getting cut off, sitting in a traffic jam, or at a light more than once or twice because the driver in front is doing a text, or putting on make-up…
Maybe there…