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For What Reason?

The day after Christmas, sometimes, brings shoppers back out the door for a fabulous deal at the mall or their favorite store.

Me? I breathed a big sigh of relief and am now hanging out at home with my daughter. For the first time in months we have a day with absolutely no expectations of us and we are thoroughly enjoying it. From the time we woke up on Thanksgiving morning, until last night, at the end of Christmas day, our life seemed to be a whirlwind. Besides my birthday celebration and the fun book signings, added to the normal activity was, number one, shopping for those perfect Christmas gifts, and then there were the fun Christmas parties we attended. There are also a lot of things to go see around town. There are lights here and lights there and lights everywhere. Who wants to miss seeing them? No matter where you go it’s a beautiful sight to see Christmas light exhibits. But in the midst of all of that fun and frenzy, there is a greater light that shines brighter than any Ch…