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After Easter Celebration

After fighting sleep while Jesus prayed in the garden of Gethsemene, Peter had watched Jesus get arrested on a dark fateful night. As a matter of fact he cut a guys ear off with his sword in order to protect him. He hung around in the courtyard, and then denied knowing Jesus THREE times just as Jesus had told him he would. Right after he denied him for the third time, Jesus eyes met his.

Peter went away grieving his actions. It was his last interaction with the Lord whom he had followed and loved for three years. How heart-wrenching to have your final moment, with someone you love so much, be a negative one such as that. 
So…can you imagine Peter’s excitement when he was told by Mary that Jesus had risen from the dead? Or can you imagine the energy that propelled him out of hiding and out into the open to get to the place they had buried Jesus, to see with his own eyes that Jesus was alive?
He raced to the tomb with another apostle named John to see Jesus…but He wasn’t there!
His heart …