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From the Cellars of Choice - Peeling back a layer

Sometimes the affects of abortion can be hidden deep within, memories, emotions, even a lack of remembering the events of the day at all. And then one day out of nowhere, something will cause a trigger and out of the deep recesses of the cellar, the person will be brought back to their abortion experience.

Also, woman and men who go through a healing process soon discover, it is like peeling back an onion. It is done in layers. Once the wound is reopened the healing process is done a gentle layer at a time.

I think the following story will give you a better idea of what a man or woman deals with after abortion.

This is part one of a layer of another persons story;

When I became a Christian, I was so grateful. I had such a big gaping wound in my heart that I couldn’t fill and didn’t know why. After I received His forgiveness that hole was gone, He forgave my ABORTIONS! I mean it really meant more than I can say to know Jesus died on a cross for the sins of the whole world and that included…

The Cellars of Choice

My heart breaks over an issue affecting America. It’s the consequences that come from aborting a child and the adverse affects to the men and women of our society.

At the time, having an abortion seems like a solution to the circumstances in a person’s life, only to cause horrible ramifications in the aftermath. Many find themselves grieving the life of their child, alone; after all it was her decision to end her child's life. Each year as the birth date rolls around, she remembers and may try to imagine what her child would look like or what they may be doing at this point of their life.

The grief can run deep. Many don’t even understand they are grieving, covering the pain through the use of alcohol, drugs, food, other compulsions or by getting involved in promiscuous sex or bad relationships and sometimes wind up pregnant...again.

Many choose abortion a second time, a third time, and some even more.

Although having the right to choose abortion, afterward, it can become a secret sha…