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God Tossed Pennies

I just wanted to share again the story about "pennies". So many are going through such tough times and I hope this is a note of encouragement for you.

My sister and I started going for walks in the morning during the weekdays. One day there was a penny on the ground and I reached down to pick it up. I explained there was a day, not to long ago, that I wouldn't have picked it up, but instead I'd leave it for someone else who may need it.

But one day, I was convicted of appreciating even the smallest blessings that may be in front of me. God knows if I need a penny or not, so I decided to start picking them up, thank Him for it and all the other blessings He gives to me.

A few days later, during another one of our walks, we were talking about a burden my sister was carrying. I suddenly remembered the other thing I heard about picking up a penny. On the coin is the words, "In God We Trust". Whenever a person finds a penny, they are to confess whatever they are no…