Morning Glory. A Weed or A Beautiful Flower?

Yesterday, I had the awesome opportunity to speak in Centralia for Stone Croft Ministries. My sister and daughter came along for the ride.

Although, I think my daughter may have had other intentions.

She could easily have taken my place with her cute smile and all the things she has to talk about.

This was the first time I went without Sharon. Normally we do a little drama together. When I got to Centralia I decided to use a part from the play her and I normally do for a visual. Kay, (who does the job of putting everything together for the luncheon) went outside with me to look for some weeds.

We found a patch of wild blackberry bushes with morning glory all intertwined in the bushes. I picked at the morning glory. I had to be careful because the blackberry bushes were so prickly.

Kay, however had no fear of getting pricked. We didn’t have anything with us to cut the vine of the blackberries, so she just bent down and used her TEETH!

I watched her in amazement and thought, “Really?” I mean she’s a girl who knows how to get the job done. I also thought, she’s definitely a “Sister Blue Thread.”

I was so excited to find the morning glory.

My Grandma had morning glory on her farm and I loved seeing it. I’ve also, always wanted morning glory in my own yard.

My husband though, says no way. He had morning glory in his yard once and it took over everything. Last night he showed me the morning glory growing in the ivy and trees in our neighborhood. It had not been tended to and was climbing up the trees and all over the ivy.

Morning glory tended to can be beautiful. But morning glory left on its own can be destructive.

Just like the things we have going on in our hearts. When we confess our sins and walk in faith that Jesus washes us clean, our life and attitude show it.
But when we store sin in our hearts, it can be like the morning glory left on its own and can be destructive.

For example, getting angry at someone and not forgiving them, can lead to bitterness, even hatred.
So daily, even moment by moment, tending to the matters of our hearts is important.


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