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The Unknown Trail - 2014

Whew! I pushed myself over the last jagged rock that scraped off, yet another, patch of my skin. With a groan I reached out to hold onto my leaders hand as He pulled me up and helped me to stand.

Made it!...2014!

I took a look over the horizon at what lay was a bit foggy in parts of the vast unknown. But from what I could see...which wasn't looked promising. I took in a few deep breaths with a wipe at my sweaty brow.

I sat down to take a break noticing others were sitting down on mountaintops all around me. I gave a friendly wave to them, before I took a look down at the steep, rocky path I had just climbed. I shuddered thinking of some of the things I had experienced on the way here. I am so grateful for my guide and the handbook He gave to me. I may have some bruises and scrapes, but I am also more skilled at many things.

I can attest I never would have been able to handle some of the cliff like trails, jagged boulders, and the high steep climb on my own.