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Twinkling Lights

Last week my friend, Joan came along with me, as I went to a few towns and spoke at some Stone Croft luncheons.
We had a really great time driving up through the gorge. It was beautiful as usual to look at, even though we started out in the rain.
When the sun started poking out of the clouds, it was clear where the rain would end, and the sun would soon be shining on us.
Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to see that clearly in our own lives, in the circumstances we sometimes find ourselves in? Not only a clear ending to our storms, but a clear beginning to the sun-shining again.
Well, after we were finished with the luncheon in the first town, where we got to meet some incredible ladies who are faithful to spread the love of Jesus to other women, we made our way over to our next destination to spend the evening there. I had met a couple of the ladies at a previous retreat and we were going to be able to spend some time together the rest of the day.
Everything was fine, (except for a bit o…