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Dealing With Change

My daughter is a member of The American Heritage Girl troop. At one meeting, their assignment was to write a skit as a group and then perform it at the end of the meeting.

When I watched the skit unfold I stood amazed at how well the young girls had articulated a persons struggle with change.

The play begins with a young girl sitting on a park bench. She really loved that park bench and wanted to sit on the bench again some other day. However, the girl was moving and wouldn't be back in the area for another year.

The girl returned a year later. With eagerness, she went over to the spot where her park bench had been and sat down. Instead of landing on the bench, she landed on the ground. Confused, she stood up, the bench was gone.

"What happened to my park bench?" She asked a nearby person.

"What park bench? There's no park bench." The person walked on.

Again the girl went to sit down on her beloved park bench and fell to the ground.

Again, she asked a pers…