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Bring Your Request

Another shooting! So many stories of one murder after another. Mass murders are becoming a norm in the news. Along with murder suicides, racist murders, young girls and boy’s murders, and now the cops are being purposely murdered.

Is anybody safe anymore?
There are hate messages and arguments over the Presidential election. We fight, disregarding relationships, when we only know the candidates by whatever records are revealed through the media, and through the promises of their speeches that are written by a publicist, so they can seal their place in the Presidential seat. Yet, I read and hear things, that separate the people, who are voting them into office to serve.

Will the hate messages stop after the election? I don’t see how. Not everyone will be happy with who is in the Presidential office.
Hate grows and grows like a raging fire.
How easy is it for a person to just flip someone off or call them a foul name in traffic, then drive away with no remorse?
Words of venom easily sli…