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Swirling Storms

As I struggled to explain, my friend said, “Alone?”
“Yes.” I nodded. It was hard for me to admit when I know that I am never alone. I know God is there, yet, that is how I felt in the middle of the struggle. I felt like I was trying to just survive through the challenges of the moments…moments that went into hours…into days…I felt…Alone.
“I know faith isn’t based on feelings, but I really would like to 'feel'Him.” I admitted. “My brain knows He is there. He blesses me. I have faith.”
“But it’s tired. Worn.” She added, understanding as she's had her own battles to deal with lately.
“Yes.” I agreed.
Have you ever felt alone? Isolated? Grasping at the frail end of a rope of faith.
Have you ever felt so tired that even though you have all the knowledge that aids your faith, stored in your head, you can’t hear it? You want to. You know…you know…God is there. He loves you, but the words come as if from an echo down a dark distant hallway.
It’s a time. A time to decide. Do I str…