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September Breezes

There is something about September. It's my favorite time of year. Summer is ending, school starting, and usually, it's time to start wearing those favorite sweatshirts, or sweaters. This year is different though, I'm still wearing shorts and tank tops, along with my flip flops. The summer season is hanging on, which is good!
But what about the seasons of life that hang on that aren't so good? I personally can say a yearning starts to grow inside for a change. Feelings of discontent, discouragement and even depression fill the days during a long hard season.
I'd like to pass something on, I happen to be in one of those seasons and today, I was reminded. To meditate on things that are pure, holy, true, just, praiseworthy, of good report, knowledgeable. These are the things to focus on.
And to cast my cares upon God. I don't have to carry them. Whew! What a relief.
During my walk with my sister, she said, "After a storm, I wish I could go back through it again b…