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He Is Our King

Last week my daughter was blessed to attend Kingdom Rock VBX at a local church. She’d come home in the afternoon excited about all she had done in VBX and couldn’t wait until the next day. She was very disappointed when she wasn’t able to finish out the last two days due to a virus that hit her stomach.
Yet, she was able to participate with the rest of the group Sunday morning, as the children from the VBX at River of Life Church, performed the songs and a little skit they had learned during the week.
The props were quite elaborate. The children looked like they were sitting in a cartoon looking castle.
It was a delight to listen as they sang with such joy and conviction all of the songs they had learned, and to watch them do different motions to the music. When the group started to sing the song, Here is Our King…oh my, I had one of those moments when the reality of who God is filled my being.
He is THE King.
The Bible says one day, every kn…