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Who Are We Following?

1I had a list a mile long today of things I wanted to get done. It’s my first day off where I don’t have a million things other than “my” list calling my name.
The Bible verse, “Seek first the kingdom of God and all of these things will be added to you..” kept going through my mind.
So, I sat down and proceeded to read the required reading of the day for our women’s Bible study group. We are in the book of Ezekiel which is hard to read. It’s full of prophecy and warning for the Israelites.
I was feeling a bit antsy to finish reading the chapters and get on with my day. I realized I was acting like my daughter does when I’m trying to explain something to her and she has a hard time sitting still.
I tried really hard to actually listen to what I was reading and not just speed read the chapters to say, “Ta-dah! I’m done.”
The words I heard were distressing. God called out a warning about what He was about to do to and they weren't listening.
In Ezekiel 24:13 He finally says, “’Now your i…

Wanting To Know The Answer

Years ago, I had to deal with driving in the Seattle morning traffic to get to work. One day my car just died in the middle of the freeway. I got over to the side of the road and had to deal with a dead car during traffic AND get to work on time.
I brought it to a mechanic who thought he found the problem and after some of my money flew from my pocketbook to his, I was on my way.
Well, a few days later, I found myself stuck on the side of a long, lonely road in Seattle because once again, my car died.
So I handed over some more money to a mechanic after he believed he fixed the problem, and then I was on my way.
I don’t remember exactly how many times this happened, but it was enough times to be exasperating and I began to not trust my car anymore.
Finally, a mechanic found a loose wire and the problem was fixed.
Isn’t it frustrating when you have a problem…think you found the solution to the problem, only to discover…you still have the problem?
Lately, we’ve been dealing with somet…

Seasons Change Don't They?

Yesterday, when I stepped out the door to my place I realized it was soon going to be time to put the flip flops away. So today, I wore regular SHOES.
Even though we’ve had our thunderstorms and rain showers over the last couple of weeks, the sun has managed to shine here and there, making it okay to still where spring like types of clothes.
When I drove my daughter to school the streets were lined with leaves and pine needles due to the wind and rain storm over the weekend.
I shook my head. It all changed so fast.
Just a few weeks ago we were out hiking or biking, and sweating while doing it. The views were full of beautiful trees with GREEN leaves.
People were jumping into the waters under the falls. It was a nice, warm season to have outdoor fun. And so beautiful.

Now, one by one, people are donning their coats. Here and there I noticed the boots were being worn…

Not that I don’t thoroughly enjoy cozy sweaters and a cute pair of boots, I’m just finding through the last couple of years…

Its Not What You Have

A couple of days ago, my adventure included driving up to the North Shore Women’s Connection in Kenmore, WA.
An incredible thing happened, I did NOT get lost or make a wrong turn and have to figure out how to get back on the road I was on, and I did not miss any signs! I thought I was lost for just a very short time after I asked someone at the gas station if they knew where the Golf course was. He told me to go in another direction than I was headed.
Well, since I had the directions on my phone, and my husband had written out the directions on a piece of paper, I decided to take my chances and stay on the route that I was on.
We pulled up to a beautiful country club with gargantuan plants, beautifully set around the club house and the turn around. My favorite, red geraniums were everywhere and looked like bushes.
I wanted to talk to the gardener and find out some of his tricks.
On my way home, I thought of the beautiful flowers and how perfectly they were placed around the property. A …

Over Bridges

Before I proceed with my blog…I would just like to make a note that as a blogger…well…I share things that other people probably keep to themselves. I make myself vulnerable to anyone who reads this blog. I am okay with that now…at first it was a little unnerving…I love to tell stories about what God did in my life and I had friends and family that encouraged me to tell the stories, not just to those close to me, but also on my blog. I share my weaknesses, pain, trials, and frustrations along with how God works in my life. I hope it helps you, the reader, no matter where you are in your relationship with God, to get a bigger glimpse of Him interacting in someone else’s life and I hope it encourages you.
God is true to His Word. No matter what situation I find myself in, no matter how big or small my faith is, He is always faithful to show up. So, with all pride put aside, I share this story…
Sarrah and I rode our bikes to Target the other night after dinner. Since it is getting dark ear…