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Last week I went to Aberdeen to speak, to a group of women, in this really cool log pavilion and the people there were really nice.

On my way there though, I had taken the exit off of the freeway just like the directions said to do and then I proceeded to go west down the road. When I passed one of the street signs I thought I was going the wrong way and made a u-turn and then took a left. I was driving along; enjoying the audio CD that was playing when I noticed I-5 was directly in front of me.
What? Why would I-5 be in front of me? Why would the directions make me do a circle and end up right back where I started? I looked at the street signs and realized I had gone back down to Centralia. So I quickly got back on I-5 and called my husband in a panic. As we were talking he asked me what exit number I was at and I told him 72. I then realized I was going the wrong way on the freeway.
So I got off the freeway and headed north again and took the exit and this time instead of making a tu…

The Right Hands

Last week I was busy going from Centralia, Yelm, Lacey and then Aberdeen to speak. It was a lot of fun and I had the opportunity to meet some fabulous ladies and hear some incredible stories.
Some women told of stories that were heartbreaking but ended with God’s redemption. Others were in the middle of heartbreaking situations and hadn’t yet seen any resolution to their problem.
One of the wonderful themes that weaved through each of these women’s lives was, during the trial, God had showed His hand, and as they had spent more time in prayer and reading the Bible they had grown closer to Him.
The Bible promises us that when we draw near to Him, He will draw near to us. The truths of God’s word played out in their lives.
I know of few people who have not gone down some emotional, heartbreaking trial in their lives. And the ones who have trusted in God and drawn near to Him always come out a stronger and better person even when the situation doesn’t turn out the way that they would lik…

Rear-View Mirror Living

I took a left turn instead of a right and wasted time trying to find my destination. The most frustrating thing about it…I discovered, when I took the left, the building I was to go to was directly to the right of me.

After driving around and finally calling my husband for help, praying, fighting tears of frustration, I got the correct information and was able to make it to where I was expected to be. When I walked through the doors, I was relieved and so were the people expecting me.
It’s those wrong turns in life that can cause so much frustration. Not only personal troubles, but it causes trouble in the lives of the people around us.
One lady shared with me yesterday, how she had stayed home and waited for the tree cutters to come and take care of a tree in her front yard. They did a no show. Later it was discovered they had turned down the wrong road and went to the wrong house. The person that lived there came out of her house and asked the tree cutters what they were doing with …

Getting Past The Trash

Today while I was on the road to Lacey for a speaking engagement, I ended up behind a semi-truck in my lane going the same speed as the semi-truck next to him in the other lane.

I don't like to be behind vehicles that block my view of the road ahead and I had no way to pass them. I just had to bide my time until there was an opening to where I could zip by the two trucks and go on my way.

While I was waiting for an opportunity, I noticed garbage flying over the truck in front of me and past my car. Different sorts of wrappers and even a dirty cushion that would tie on to a dining room or wicker chair.

What on earth? I thought.

I also had some other thoughts go through my mind. I had just been praying about the road I was on in my own life. I have some goals that I am working toward and it's taking a bit longer to reach those goals than I would like.

It seems there is always some reason I have to wait, or something gets in my way blocking me from clearly seeing where I'…

Morning Glory. A Weed or A Beautiful Flower?

Yesterday, I had the awesome opportunity to speak in Centralia for Stone Croft Ministries. My sister and daughter came along for the ride.

Although, I think my daughter may have had other intentions.
She could easily have taken my place with her cute smile and all the things she has to talk about.
This was the first time I went without Sharon. Normally we do a little drama together. When I got to Centralia I decided to use a part from the play her and I normally do for a visual. Kay, (who does the job of putting everything together for the luncheon) went outside with me to look for some weeds.
We found a patch of wild blackberry bushes with morning glory all intertwined in the bushes. I picked at the morning glory. I had to be careful because the blackberry bushes were so prickly.
Kay, however had no fear of getting pricked. We didn’t have anything with us to cut the vine of the blackberries, so she just bent down and used her TEETH!
I watched her in amazement and thought, “Really?” I m…

Stuck And Waiting

While on a recent trip to Seattle, coming out of the mall, this was in my path.
Naturally, my sister, daughter and I wanted to pick it up, but it was ground into the pavement. It made me think of those times, when traveling down a road in life toward a goal, I get stuck for one reason or another. And there seems no way to move forward or backward.

It’s a time to sit, wait, and…Trust in the Lord! Those times can be so tough and frustrating, whether it’s for a short or long period of time. It can be any type of waiting. Waiting to find the right home to buy, the right job, results of a test, that perfect person to spend the rest of your life with, for that perfect person to ask the perfect question, direction…and what lot’s of authors go through…a book or story to be published that’s been accepted.

There are so many different times where we’ve done all we can do, and now…

The Bible tells the story of David the Shepherd boy who was called from the fields one day and surprise...he finds him…