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I love to be out and about staying in contact with my family and friends. There is one thing I have come to discover about myself though,whenever I'm out and about too much, I start getting frazzled. My emotions become extreme over the issues of life.

That's when I need to reel myself in and spend some time alone, doing projects, writing, reading and time in prayer.

What has become a priority in my life is, to be more on top of allowing myself the alone time, I so desperately need to rejuvenitate before I become an emotional mess. As I'm learning to do this it creates more of a balance in all areas.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible is, when Jesus calls the disciples to go off to the other side of the lake. He doesn't join them, but goes off by Himself and spends time in prayer. The disciples soon become in desperate need of Him because they are in the middle of a terrifying storm. Even though Jesus could see them "straining at the row",still, Jesus doesn&…