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The Article

I read an article that made my heart really heavy. An article about a ex-pastor who got arrested for smuggling marijuana from Mexico to California.
Now, I know for a fact this man has been dealing with other issues, and he has made some unwise choices in the past that affected many people. His family and friends suffered pain and some consequences they shouldn't have had to deal with.

I heard he was doing better, but I'm guessing (only from that newspaper article) that he is still making unwise choices.

Two things saddened me about the article;

1) I imagined the emotional pain his decision caused his wife and kids.
2) How this affected people who don't understand or have a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Not only will his choices affect those closest to him, but also those he will never meet.

No one in the church is perfect, but our lives were changed, and we are the walking testimony of Jesus work in us.

The truth is...the church is built on a bunch of  sinners. Some of …