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Thank You To All Veterans

Thank you to all VETERANS! 

I really mean thank you. I appreciate anyone who serves or has served in the military for our country.

I am allowed to live a life knowing there are people who are willing to go to battle for me, my family, friends, city, state, and country.

Not only that, but to go to bat for other countries.

It amazes me that a person would risk their lives to protect other people's lives.

Thank you.

There are many in my family and extended family who have served our country and also are first responders. I respect what they have done, and do, immensely.

Back in WWII our family suffered a loss when my mom's step brother was killed during training for the air corps. Also, when I was young my family had to deal with the death of my Uncle who was killed in battle and the death of another Uncle who was killed in a car accident while in the military.

I cannot explain the pain all of my family members went through at the time. Each of us in my family has their own story…