Last week I went to Aberdeen to speak, to a group of women, in this really cool log pavilion and the people there were really nice.

On my way there though, I had taken the exit off of the freeway just like the directions said to do and then I proceeded to go west down the road. When I passed one of the street signs I thought I was going the wrong way and made a u-turn and then took a left. I was driving along; enjoying the audio CD that was playing when I noticed I-5 was directly in front of me.

What? Why would I-5 be in front of me? Why would the directions make me do a circle and end up right back where I started? I looked at the street signs and realized I had gone back down to Centralia. So I quickly got back on I-5 and called my husband in a panic. As we were talking he asked me what exit number I was at and I told him 72. I then realized I was going the wrong way on the freeway.

So I got off the freeway and headed north again and took the exit and this time instead of making a turn, I went straight on the road, like I was supposed to. But I had lost a LOT of time and was now barely going to get there when I was supposed to. I started making phone calls, which gave me answering machines and my husband tried making phone calls too. To no avail, we could get a hold of NO ONE.

Stressed out, I ended up behind one of those campers that always seem to find their way in front of me when I am in a hurry.  I wish I could say I was, patient, calm and totally trusting God with the outcome of this situation, but I was not, I was stressed. As the clock ticked away I became more and more anxious.

Finally, I got to Aberdeen, took a left on the road the directions said to take a left on and ended up in…who knows where…it was the wrong road. I got directions from the Juvenile detention center. They were easy directions and I could get there just a little bit late.


 Instead, when I got back in my car and drove down the road there was a line of cars because there was a train STOPPED on the tracks that went across the road. Now, could this be a small train? NO! It was a rather long train and it was stopped.

I started to think that I had wasted my time coming all of this way and missing what I had come for. Finally, the train started to move, well, sort of…it moved very slowly and it took forever before it cleared the road and the line of cars could go.

I got out of there as quick as I could and made it to my destination. The parking lot was full, so I had to go to the adjoining parking lot and then walk over to the building.

I discovered I didn’t miss my speaking time, but rather I could still eat and there was another presentation in front of me. Whew!

All of that stress and…it all worked out.

But sometimes the story doesn’t have a happy ending. Sometimes when we are trying to accomplish something and run into trouble it doesn’t always seem to work out for our benefit.

I shared the events of the morning with the ladies instead of what I had prepared beforehand. You see, when everything started to go bad, I was driving in my car perfectly content and comfortable. I wasn’t watching any of the signs. Probably if I had been a little more observant in the beginning I wouldn’t have gone through all that trouble. And then when I panicked and jumped on the freeway, again, I didn’t take time to check the signs to make sure I was going to go the right way.

That happens in life; sometimes we can be in our comfort zones, just cruising along and not notice any of the signs of trouble ahead, in our relationships, our health, and jobs. And then suddenly we realize things aren’t going the way they were supposed to go.

I had a goal to get to Aberdeen and I could’ve given up when I looked at the time and the distance, but I kept going toward the goal. And yes, the train got in my way and blocked my way to the goal, but I kept getting back on the road and heading to where I was supposed to be.

During those moments in life when we are in those situations where we find ourselves struggling, that’s when we need to get back on the road God has for us to travel. To not quit, to keep going, even when something is holding us back from where or what we are supposed to be doing.

If it’s in a relationship, and there is unforgiveness, it’s time to forgive.

If there is unfaithfulness, it’s time to be faithful.

If there’s no mercy, then show mercy.

If you’re off the path you are supposed to be on. God still has His plan for you. Get back on the road and go toward the goal.

God promises that all things work out for good for those who are called according to His purpose and who love Him.

If you don’t believe, it’s time to believe. You won’t regret it.


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