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A Love Moment

I held my daughter close on my lap, as I watched my husband hold his white haired Dad’s hand, while he sat beside his hospital bed having a heartfelt conversation. My husband spoke loud and clear. His Dad answered slowly, and yes, he did believe that Jesus Christ died for his sins.
            “That’s the best gift you could ever give me, Dad,” my husband smiled.
            In response, his Dad brought their two clasped hands to his face, and gave my husband’s hand a long kiss.
            Tears rolled from my eyes. I felt honored to be a witness of this interaction of love between a Dad and his son.
            Then to add to the moment, a few seconds later, he brought their hands up to his face again, and kissed his son’s hand once more.
            So precious…
            It was possibly one of their final moments together, and it was filled with love, and a guarantee they would see each other once again in heaven.
            No goodbyes…rather a, “I’ll see you there when it’s my t…

To Fellow Writers...Mostly

I recently read an article, by an author, who wrote about his experience of marketing his book. It was such a discouraging article. He made it sound nearly impossible to get ahead financially in the writing field.

Believe me, I know it's hard work to make a dime as a writer, unless you get a wonderful break, but I also know, writing, writing, writing, and writing some more, gets work out to the public and soon results will be seen.

Last school year, while volunteering in the Art Discovery program, I read a story that really encouraged me to keep going with my writing career, no matter what.

Artists - Renoir and Monet's story. Talk about two men who didn't give up no matter what came their way.

I think about their story when I am feeling discouraged about my writing career. It is inspiring. So I wanted to share this story with fellow writers - especially, and anyone else who is stepping out in their creativity or working on a new business.

Back in their day, if a person des…

Are You A Purah?

Wow! After a super fun and busy summer, I am actually sitting at my desk with my fingers on the keys of my computer working on writing something for my blog!
When I did have free time to write I spent it working on a new Sister Blue Thread Christmas book. I also wrote up a few blog-posts, but I didn't put them up,
I mean, I honestly started to wonder, what are the simple words written on this blog going to matter in the grand scheme of things?
Now, in saying that, I'm not trying to get some feel good comments about my blog. No, I truthfully asked that...once again.
Does it matter? Are people hearing what God can do in their lives through my own life experiences? Does it really help someone when I put myself in a vulnerable position and reveal things in my life? Does anyonesee a bigger picture of God and how they can have a relationship with Him?
Then one night, a few weeks ago, I just happen to run into a friend, that I haven't seen for awhile, who inquired about my blog. She …