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Remember Them

My dad’s younger brother, Bobby, was a marine in the Vietnam War. Unfortunately, he didn’t make it home. He died the day before my sister’s eleventh birthday, on October, 26, 1965, at the age of 18, fighting for the freedom of others.

Even though my memories aren’t clear of that day, my heart still remembers the news. And since that day, I’ve always believed my Uncle Bobby to be a hero.

It affected my family, like it affects the millions of Americans who lose someone in a war. As I’ve grown older I’ve been able to hear how it affected my grandparents, when they were informed of the news their son had died, and how it affected my parents, older sister and my cousins.

About six years ago, my sister went to Washington D.C and she went to the Vietnam Veteran Memorial. It was a very emotional time for her to see our Uncle’s name on the wall.

The next year, my parents went to Washington D.C. with my brother and his family and they were able to see my Uncle Bobby’s name on the Memorial.

The Korea…

Name Tags

Usually when I go to an event I am handed a name tag to wear. Sometimes I’m handed a pen and told to write my name down and then I put the sticker on my shirt.

My husband and I were having a discussion about when we introduce ourselves to people and say our name, sometimes we are quick to blurt out our label. Such as,“Hi, I’m Linda. I’m having a bad hair day.” Or “My dress is tight.” Or “I don’t feel comfortable.”

Labels can become our identity. I’m divorced, out of work, drive a hot car, drive a beat up car, live in a big house, live in a small house, wear expensive clothes, shop Goodwill, yell at my kids, had an abortion, have a college degree, don’t have a college degree.

If you were handed a pen, what would you write down on the name tag. What is your description of you?

The other day, I was reading my favorite book, and it said that we are loved. John 3:16. Is that my first description of myself?

I am loved.

It also said I was fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:14. When I look i…

Things That Are Good In A Tough Day

Philippians 4:8
Finally, brother, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right; whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. NIV

I was reading Philippians this week and came across this verse. I remember this verse from when I first began memorizing scripture and learning to apply it to my life.

I had a new job. Newly trained and moved over with my boss to his new office. I soon discovered pretty much everything I had learned in training was not applicable to what I would do at the new place.

On top of that my boss wasn’t the easiest person to work with, at all. He was highly intelligent, quick on his feet and quick to react, very work driven and spoke directions in quick mumbled tones before he would turn and leave to do what was next on his list.

Many times after he had left I would go over and over what I thought he had said to me in his mumbled tones. He had made it clear to pay attention …

Happy Birthday Mom!

So today is a wonderful day! It's my Mom's birthday. I promised not to write about her on my blog, but I can't help myself today. So Mom, I'm breaking my promise just to say, I hope you have a wonderful, Happy Birthday!

My mom is so full of energy and keeps herself healthy. I really appreciate, that I can trust how well she takes care of herself and my Dad. When I was growing up she was the same way, very energetic and on top of things.

I love you, Mom, and so blessed to say Happy Birthday to you!