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Electronics For Christmas

I was browsing around the store and noticed the NOOKS had been updated since last year. Then I noticed they were updated along with every other electronic device in the same department, where people were standing in line to purchase the latest “thing” that was on sale.

I shook my head wondering how soon after we left the store, with our items, that a new updated one would be on the shelf, and what we had just bought would be outdated. We lost the charger to my daughters DS and had trouble finding one that would work in her device. A very young guy who waited on us had to look up our DS on the computer and we showed him a picture of it so he could help us. Okay, it’s really not that long ago since we bought it, but…

That’s how it is now. As soon as you turn your new lap top on, your new phone filled with a bunch of cool apps, or the latest game player another one is being marketed that is so much better than what you have in your hands. A person just has to have the latest one too. In th…

Light In Darkness

I cried when I heard there was a shooter at Clackamas mall. The next day I was upset because there was a lock down at Evergreen High School due to a teacher finding a rifle in a student's backpack.

And yesterday...

How do you react to the horrific news of young children, and the adults caring for them, being shot to death while they are in an environment that is supposed to be safe? Where children are enjoying their peers, and learning from their teachers to be able to grow into intelligent adults.

How do you react to the reports of the little kids who hid in terror and the heroic efforts of the teachers to protect them and their own lives?

How do you react to the news of the principal losing her life trying to stop the gunman? Or the young teacher who hid the children of her class in a closet and then stood between them and the gunmen?

So utterly senseless.

I have seen and heard one way people are reacting...people want answers. They want the "Why?" answered. Investi…