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Shine Bright Today

Today is my Dad's 80th birthday. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to say that. My Dad has always been a light in my life. And through the years my Dad has taken care of himself in such a way that he can still shovel the neighbors driveway when it snows.

Now that's not to say he hasn't battled physical affliction, because he has, but he's been responsible to treat his body in a healthy way, and I appreciate that.

While I was growing up, my friends used to say very complimentary comments about my Dad. I didn't realize at the time that other girls and boys didn't have a Dad like mine. I just assumed everyone had a Dad to love, protect and take care of them.

When I got older, I discovered what other houses were like, and some of them weren't very good. I also discovered, without even knowing it, my parents, brought a bit of light into some kids lives that needed a tender touch.

The Bible tells us, as Christians we are lights on a hill.

Today, as a light…