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One Man's Sin

Chapter seven in the book of Joshua starts out right after a huge victory over Jericho. God did an amazing thing for the Israelite army.

Then, the Israelites went and spied out the region. They sent a couple thousand men to go whip “Ai” and instead they got trampled on by the small amount of men in Ai.

They cried out to God and tore their clothes, asking, why He would bring them out to this place to only let them get delivered into the hands of their enemies.

God answers by letting Joshua know that someone had gone against his commands and now they couldn’t be victorious until they had removed the sin from among the people.

Wow! Joshua and his army went from seeing victory, because God was with him, to defeat. Joshua didn’t know that one of his men had disobeyed God’s command and all the Israelites felt the effects of his sin.

Some sins are just plain obvious and some are secret. Hidden sins that nobody knows someone has done or is in the act of doing.

How do these secret sins affect a pers…

Is God Asleep?

Standing outside the doctor’s office door, my heart tore to pieces as the screams of my, then, two-month-old daughter filled the hallway. Unable to stand it any longer I rushed into the small office. There she was on her Daddy’s lap. My husband had the tough job of holding her while a nurse gave one shot after another. For the first time in her life she was being introduced to unexplainable pain.

I walked over and touched her face, when she looked up at me, I could see relief fill her eyes as she recognized me. The screams started again as the nurse did another injection.

I cried while she suffered, but knew that it would be worse if I interfered. She had no way to comprehend why her Daddy and I were allowing this to happen. She couldn't comprehend that the injection, causing her confusion and extreme discomfort, were meant to protect her from far greater suffering than what she was experiencing at the moment.

With no way to explain all of this to her, I waited for the first opportun…

Walking The Wonderful Path Of Forgiveness

About 12 years ago, if I knew I had to stand in front of a group of women with a microphone in my hand, it would have terrified me. I’d be picking myself apart and I’d believe that everyone would see all of my flaws.

For many years I led worship for children, or participated in the puppet skits either by being the actor or a puppet. Even though it was fun, getting in front of the kids and teachers was very stressful for me. Up until the very moment I stood in front of the children I would be fretting and going over and over what I had to do.

Now, God has brought me to a place where I can’t wait to get the microphone in my hand. It’s exciting to me, to be used by Him, to encourage others.

What made the change? Let me start around the beginning.

Right after I prayed to ask Jesus into my heart twenty some years ago I had an overwhelming love for God. When I heard God calling me, I came from a really messed up place. I was amazed and grateful that God would call me, Linda, from the dark h…

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful Dad who is always there for me and shows me love everyday! I love you!
And Happy Father's Day to my husband who is a wonderful daddy to our daughter!
Also, to my brother's who do an incredible job with their kids!
All of you are great at being Dad's and your kids love you!
I love you too!

Distorted View

One Sunday morning at church, our pastor showed the congregation some pictures. He prefaced showing them with an assignment, we were to determine which one best signified our personal view of God.

To start out with there was a picture of a child held safe and lovingly in her Father’s arms. I immediately thought that is how I see God.

A few scenes later, a little boy sat in a corner, and his arm covered his head as if to fend off a blow. It surprised me when my heart pounded and I realized this picture portrayed my true perspective of God. I was waiting for Him to let the other shoe drop.

My husband and I had been through a tough season with a bunch of trials where one thing happened after another and without realizing it, my view of God had become distorted.

I took another look at who He really is in the Bible. One day, he showed me something in the very familiar story of Adam and Eve. I doubt there are many people who haven’t heard Adam and Eve’s story. Most know Eve ate the forbidden fr…