Dear Veterans

Yesterday at church, we gave honor to the veterans and their families. At the end of the service honor was given to them by rolling out a red carpet for them to lead the way out of the church.

The congregation clapped and cheered as the veterans and their families made their way out.

Today, my daughter wanted to honor the veterans because of what they did, and do, to protect our country so we can have the freedom we sometimes take for granted.
She wrote the following letter to all of our veterans;

Dear Veterans,

Thank you for serving in the military. You make our country free. You risk your lives for us. Thank you so much!

All my uncles and my dad and both of my Grandpas served in the military. I was not born when they did go into the service though. I am glad they all are still alive.

You know that you are protecting us and God is protecting you!
From Sarrah

I couldn’t have said it better. May you be incredibly blessed.


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