A Salute to a Brownie and Girl Scout Troop

What a day we had Saturday! Our Brownie and Girl Scout Troop had a planned food drive to pick up donations for a local family shelter.

In the heavy rain and ever increasing growing mud puddles, I had the privledge to watch two girls go from house to house, knock on doors and ask for donations. Although cold, tired and wet they not only perservered, they pushed on with excitement and smiles.

It was awesome to watch their reaction whenever food was put in their hands. Once it was brought to the vehicle off they would race to the next house. The people in the neighborhood were very generous. We decided to stop knocking on doors when it began to thunder and lightning.

Afterward, we met down at the shelter. I was amazed at the amount of food the entire troop had accumulated. Soaked and hungry the girls proceeded downstairs to stock the shelves with the food they collected with no complaints! Tears spring to my eyes at the memory of those faithful young girls working as a team to stock those shelves so carefully.

Money was donated for lunch so, when we finished there, off we went to a local arcade and bowling alley for lunch and of course bowling. Yet again, I saw each of these girls show strength, they waited in line watching others play games and eat, for about 30 minutes before they could eat themselves.

What an example these young hearts are to me. Despite the odds that continued to come up against them, they pushed through to finish the work set before them, seperately and as a team. With smiles planted on their faces, hands reached out to bless those in need. And when a reward was in sight for them, they waited without complaints until it was given to them.

I pray my older heart would be faithful and stedfast to the call God gives to me. And not be so eager to receive the reward, but to be eager to work, so others receive a reward.


Anonymous said…
It is funny you would say the last sentence s you did. I have been thinking this way. I believe I am in a season of life to pour back what has been given to me. Although I have always been a person who gives, I believe this is a season to focus on being a giver and not asking what about me. Does this make sense?

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