A Promise to Stay

What do we do, when those we love are gone?
Whether they walk out of our life by choice or death?
Or we find ourselves walking away.

When our dreams disappear?
When we hurt so bad we barely can make it through the minutes of the day?
Ever wonder why life seems unfair?

Anger, hurt, betrayal loom on the horizon of the heart.
A tear is waiting to drop. Blink, blinked away.

There has to be something, someone, who will fix what isn't right in life. Hands reach for what will medicate the pain. Or cling to a person, who seems to be the answer.

I've stood where darkness surrounds me. Pain rudely tramples down the walls, I built around my heart. Illness isolates. Goodbye is not by choice. A dream blows in the wind. I've cried in the black of the night, loneliness of the day. Pain searing through my whole being with no answer seemingly in sight.

One day I pushed through the curtain of religion. Peered into a well of life. So misunderstood by my circumstances. I found a hand catching every tear I cried. A promise to never leave me alone.

I heard of a woman who many years ago, suffered for a long time, ill, isolated and alone. She pressed through the crowds and touched the hem of His garment. He knew her touch, though many surrounded Him. He knew. When she came to Him, healing was found.

I came to Him, Jesus. Day by day, minute by minute. He answers my why's. Comforts my pain. Still's my anger. Fills me with strength. I rest in a love promised to never go away.


Anonymous said…
Linda, this is a stunnng piece of writing. How I needed to read just this very thing today. Wow.
Sande said…
Hi Linda.

Reading this in the middle of family chaos, the noise, activity, petitions, offences and believe me, these offences are as regular as the questions I have about raising the source of my said chaos. But your right. You remind me of my source of 'life', of relief, of validation ... oh heck; just my source of everything. And I am breathing in deep, long, and contented.

And the order in which you throw the english language into expression seems to have a direct path to my feeling bits in my heart, bypassing the shallow and signposting to the Who that matters.

If you don't mind, I might hang around a bit ...:}
Anonymous said…
I see Sande is here! Love her!

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