Bring It To Me

“How on earth am I going to do this?”

“What am I going to do now?”

“Should I do this? Or should I do that?”

“This is impossible.”

“There’s nothing I can do.”

Ever asked those questions or made those statements? I have. At those times life can be tiring, stressful, or frustrating.

One afternoon Jesus, was trying to get some alone time for the disciples after they’d had some incredible experiences doing things in Jesus name.

Instead, the crowds followed them and so Jesus taught the crowd. When it became later in the afternoon the disciples suggested to Jesus that He send the crowd on their way to go and get their dinner.

Jesus told them to feed them.

“Uh…what? That would cost us lots of money. We can’t afford that.”

Jesus told them to bring whatever food they could find, to him. They found three fish and a loaf of bread. If I had been there, and I brought the food to Him, my words for people to read throughout history would’ve been something like, “Jesus, this is all we can find. And it’s late…they should probably go because how are we going to feed them?”

And when He blessed the food and handed me the basket to pass out food to the people, I would probably had been telling them, this is it, this is all we got. And apologizing to the people I hadn’t reached yet, that they probably wouldn’t have any food.

When the time came where everyone had food to eat and there was leftovers I would’ve freaked out. “Did you see what He just did? Did you see that? Wow…can you believe it?”

“That was incredible, Jesus, wow!”

I guess you can say I would’ve had a lack of faith and not understood truly who Jesus was, but when I read this the other day…I realized I do that over and over again.

I will see God work in an amazing way. He will do something in my life that astonishes me. And then another situation comes up and I’m right there at His throne going, okay…here we go again…I need some help here.

And though He’s never failed to come through, I’m so amazed at the time He does. It still amazes me to see how He works in people’s lives. I doubt I’ll ever get over it. How can a person get over how God works?

If you were standing there in front of a crowd with over 5,000 and Jesus told you to feed them, wouldn’t you feel a bit intimidated and interested as to how Jesus was going to do it?

I would be.

But, in that amazement I have to say, I’ve learned things fall into place when I do what the disciples did that day. They brought what they had to Jesus.

“Bring it to me,” He said.

And they did.

Jesus did what only Jesus can do.

He still wants us to bring our stuff to him. The Bible says, “Cast our cares upon Him,” and “…bring all our anxious thought to Him.”

So, when I ask those questions or say those things, I know there is one thing I just gotta do…Bring it to Jesus and let Him do what only He can do with what I have.

So whatever you’re carrying…Bring it to Him and see what He will do with all of your resources.



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