Like Caleb

At first glance, this pot looks like it’s a Nasturtium plant with a few petunias in it. But when you move the leaves of the Nasturtiums aside you also will find a daisy, and some marigolds. The nasturtiums seeds had been planted after all of the other flowers had already been placed in this container and were growing quite well.

But one day the seeds of this plant just took off and well, it took over the pot.

If you look really close at the next picture you can see how the nasturtium is choking out the other flowers.

But not the petunia! The petunia is growing and showing its colors in spite of what the other plants are doing.

I read a devotional on Caleb the other day, about how he asked Joshua to give him the mountain and had faith that the Lord may be with him to drive out the enemies on the mountain.

The Israelites had driven their enemies to this mountain and Caleb chose to take a challenge and trust in God to help him with that challenge.

Forty years earlier, Caleb had been one of the twelve men sent to check out the promise land.  All of the men but Caleb and Joshua, gave a bad report of the land. The other men convinced the Israelites that the enemies were too big and strong for them to overpower. Despite how God had cared and provided for them in the desert, the Israelites did not believe in what God could do for them, but instead believed the report of the other men.

Caleb and Joshua knew God would go before them. And tried to convince them, but the Israelites wouldn’t listen.

As a result of their unbelief, the Israelites over 20 years of age who had grumbled against God weren’t allowed into the Promised Land, except Caleb and Joshua.

Caleb had to wait because of the consequences of the sins of others even though he was ready and raring to go in faith. He had to wait.

Forty years!

Forty years later Caleb is finally in the promise land. Forty years later! That is a long time to wait especially when he had seen it, walked in it and wanted to go to it.

Can you imagine? I’ve had to wait for things, and it isn’t easy.

Despite what the negative seeds of others had caused in his life Caleb didn’t let it choke out his faith. When he reached the promise land and it was time for him to pick his portion, he was still ready to go to a place where God would have to do the battle with him.

When the people who surrounded him stood and cried in unbelief, Caleb believed, and Caleb got to see God work in his life in a powerful way. He stood out in the crowd.

During those times when it looks impossible, are you going to be like Caleb?

Are you going to stand out like that petunia that is still poking its flowery head out despite the nasturtium taking over?

What is looking big and overwhelming in your life right now?

Remember and take inventory of all that God has done. He has promised to never leave us nor forsake us.

It’s a time to believe. 


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