Turning to Him

One morning while doing some reading and prayer time I came upon something interesting in the book of Haggai. During this time of experiencing unemployment in our home I am constantly throwing up prayers for provision and a blessing of a good income with job security. I am always amazed at the continual answers to those prayers of provision.
In the book of Haggai, God said so many interesting things to his people, regarding the work of their hands, in that one particular thing stood out to me today. It was at the end of a sentence…”yet you did not turn to me.”
I thought to myself. I pray. I turn to God all the time. So why are we having such a hard time with job security? Then a really interesting question came to my mind. Do I really turn to God?
I pray.
But then I tend to still worry and fret over things. I sometimes get anxious and fearful, then find myself laying awake stewing over everything.
So when I pray, do I really turn to God? Do I trust Him? Do I stand knowing and believing He will take care of the issue at hand? Did I really cast my cares upon Him?
Do I trust in the Lord with all my heart and lean not on my own understanding, but in ALL my ways acknowledging Him and He will make my path straight?
Yes, I turn to Him and pray and bring Him everything, but then I turn back around and turn to worry, fear and anxiety.
When I completely turn to Him, I will resist being fearful, anxious and not worry. Rather I will rest knowing my life is in His hand. And all things work for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.


Janalyn Voigt said…
Hi, Linda.

My Pastor once asked this zinger: Did your savior really rise from the cross? When faced with trials, that simple but powerful question always pops into my mind.
Rosanne said…
"When are you really going to trust Him?" asked my Pastor, Ron Mehl, years ago from the pulpit. I never forgot it because it felt like he was looking right at me. I've been around that same tree over and over in my life. Thanks, Linda, for an awesome reminder.
AJ said…
I find myself going in and out of the flesh... I trust Him, I don't, I trust Him, I don't. However, in the end, I ought to have. EVERY time! :)
Linda Reinhardt said…
It's tough to trust when our eyes see only so far, yet He sees so much further. He's sees everything.
Everytime I worry at the end I too usually say, "Why did I worry?"
Alexa said…
I too have gotten caught up with worry when I can't see God's direction...........

The last 2yrs of my life have been fearful, frustrating, disappointing and full of anger. I had been put in yet another situation in my life that blindsided me and left me starting all over again!!

How was I going to provide?..........I heard the Holy Spirit whisper......."God will provide"

Where will we live??? God where do you want us to be? Should I take this job or that one or neither one? Should I move back to Washington or stay???? Again, God would whisper........"No man knows the mind of God".

All those questions of course were contingent on jobs....I had already gone down in pay by 50%.........and yet, CLEARLY that isn't enough to make ends meet..........Did God want me to stay here or take ALL of my savings to move back and start all over again. Keep in mind that I am now over 50 with a teenager that has also been devastated by another person’s lies and deceit and now illegal fraud..........

It hit me..............First to go back and see if I had indeed been trusting God to begin with when I made the choice to move to Wisconsin..........I thought I was but, clearly when the onion was peeled back, it was clear that NO! It was me, not God. So, yes, now I am living the consequences.

Still, God says that he provides........but, I truly could not see which direction to go so..... I just moved forward. I thanked God for every dollar that came my way. Every job offer even if it wasn't enough. Every time I was finally able to pay a bill long overdue.

I clearly saw that some things I had was frivolous and could be gotten rid of, given away or sold. I could live more simply.

During this time of dire need...........I saw again and again and again how at the 11th hour........God provided.

I now have TWO, great part time jobs so that I can finish school and be home for Matt.........my bills are paid and we have extra......

I wouldn't say that I laid awake at night worrying.......but, I stayed on the computer for hours and hours and hours looking, putting in resume's......changing plans over and over and over, not sure which direction to go...........FEAR, WORRY of the unknown.

This is not the first time in life that God has shown his mercy to me over and over again. I never forget but, it takes me some time before I can sit on my couch at night when I haven't heard the answer to my prayer and BE STILL...........knowing that he has it all worked out in HIS timing. My job is just to keep praying, praising and thanking Him for TODAY.

Linda Reinhardt said…
Oh Alexa, love your open honesty. Life can be so hard. You can put the words on computer (lol) so well, I could feel and see what you were going through. It is amazing, even when we make choices not directed by Him, He loves us soo much to still be there for His children. But, then I wonder why I ever question and worry when He gave His Son. And that He called me of all people!
God bless you Alexa. lots of love to you.

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