At The Glass Door

Scratch, scratch, clunk.

I glanced up from my reading, to look toward our sliding glass door to see what on earth was making that noise. I caught a glimpse of something, but couldn’t make out what it was, before it dropped down. Thinking to myself, it was either a bird hitting the window or a pine cone falling from one of the evergreen trees I went back to my reading only to be interrupted again by the noise. By the time I looked up I missed what was causing it.

Then I saw a bird fly up to the gutter above the door. Oh, the bird must be getting things off the cement of the patio for its nest and hitting the door in the process. The bird flew over and sat on the fence surrounding the patio and started chirping. Then she surprised me and flew directly into our sliding door. She hit her beak at the door and flapped her wings. She worked hard to get through that window.

She stopped and flew back to the fence only to try again and again. I imagine she couldn’t possibly know what was keeping her from getting from point a to point b, since I doubt she knows what glass is. The poor thing probably wondered, if I can see my destination why can’t I get there?

Wow, if only she knew how awful her life would be if she did get to the other side of that glass. She would fly into a place that’s nothing like her normal life. A place that would confine her, she’d probably panic. And after knocking over a few dishes and hitting against a few walls, feel a bit trapped. To add to her distress, she’d have to deal with the people who lived here screaming and ducking as she flew around while trying to get her back outside where she belonged.

Hmmm, another thought went through my head. How many times do I see a goal and for the life of me, no matter what I do, I can’t get there? It’s out of my reach for some reason or another.

In pushing that a bit further, like the glass protecting the bird from going somewhere it wouldn’t be happy, at those times, the Holy Spirit who I cannot see, but can feel, may be the very one from stopping me from making a big mistake in my life. Though it looks harmless, and inviting, it might be harmful for me. It might not be a place where I would want to be once I got there.

The Bible tells me that God knit me in my mother’s womb. He knows my days, when I lie down, when I rise, words before I speak them, even thoughts before I THINK them.

God used that little bird today, to take a look at my life. Is there anything I’m striving for and just can’t seem to make it work? Maybe, it’s not supposed to work for me. Maybe, it wouldn’t be in my best interest and like that bird, I need to fly away from there and just go some place else.

Psalm 139


Sylvia said…
Excellent post, Linda. Thank you for that!

Big hugs, Sylvia

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