Walking The Wonderful Path Of Forgiveness

About 12 years ago, if I knew I had to stand in front of a group of women with a microphone in my hand, it would have terrified me. I’d be picking myself apart and I’d believe that everyone would see all of my flaws.

For many years I led worship for children, or participated in the puppet skits either by being the actor or a puppet. Even though it was fun, getting in front of the kids and teachers was very stressful for me. Up until the very moment I stood in front of the children I would be fretting and going over and over what I had to do.

Now, God has brought me to a place where I can’t wait to get the microphone in my hand. It’s exciting to me, to be used by Him, to encourage others.

What made the change? Let me start around the beginning.

Right after I prayed to ask Jesus into my heart twenty some years ago I had an overwhelming love for God. When I heard God calling me, I came from a really messed up place. I was amazed and grateful that God would call me, Linda, from the dark hole I was in and wash me clean of all my sins for eternity.

Not only did He wash me all clean, He loved me and wanted to be a part of my daily life! I could never understand how He could love me so much, but He did and I loved him back. I played praise music as often as possible, talked about him, read about him, went to church to learn about him, hung out with people who talked about him.

Soon, I was involved in ministry and even though I knew God loved me and God forgave me, I believed, all of those never did anything wrong, have everything together people, in the church, wouldn’t want me around if, they knew the truth about my past. I mean they’d kick me right out of ministry and stop hanging around with me. So I kept my past a secret.

I began to be filled with shame and worked hard to keep my secret.

Then one day I went through a biblical healing group and my whole perspective changed. I learned some very valuable things. First I had to forgive myself, for my short comings and my past. Jesus did.

Second, the first night of the group, ladies that I participated in ministry with (the never did anything wrong, have everything together people) and kept my secret from, walked in and were part of the group. They were hiding their own secrets.

In God’s word it says ALL men fall short of the glory of God. ALL MEN, and that mean's women too. Not one person can stand before the Father cleansed white as snow without first believing in His Son Jesus. Not one. Why? Because we are all sinners, whether we rate them as big sins or little sins, a sin is a sin. Everyone fall’s short and needs Jesus.

After I forgave myself, and gave other’s a chance to get to know me, the real me, I realized it’s a testimony of how loving and merciful God is, that I am a part of his kingdom. That He would call ME by name and seal me as HIS.

Now, that He took the shame away and the insecurities I get to share with others about how wonderful He is. How He came into my dark world and shined His light so bright and put me on a new path to live.

As a woman, I know, we have lots of things to be insecure about. Our weight, hair, makeup, kind of clothes we wear, if we are a good housekeeper, good mom, wife, the list goes on and on. But when we take God’s word and let it go from our heads down to our hearts and believe it. It takes away those insecurities and feeling of shame.

The truth is, in God’s eyes, we are special. When He forgives us, He doesn’t bring it up again. Even in those times we have to face the consequences of our sins, He’s still loving us, helping us get through it.

Even with Adam and Eve, when they had to leave the garden, He dressed them. And then put a guard with a flaming sword in front of the tree of life to protect them from eating from that tree, so they wouldn’t live forever knowing good and evil.

And then He sent His Son to pay the price for all the wrong things everyone did.

What kind of love and forgiveness is that?

It’s wonderful! And every day I get to walk in the peace of knowing the price is paid for all the mistakes I’ve ever made.


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