Distorted View

One Sunday morning at church, our pastor showed the congregation some pictures. He prefaced showing them with an assignment, we were to determine which one best signified our personal view of God.

To start out with there was a picture of a child held safe and lovingly in her Father’s arms. I immediately thought that is how I see God.

A few scenes later, a little boy sat in a corner, and his arm covered his head as if to fend off a blow. It surprised me when my heart pounded and I realized this picture portrayed my true perspective of God. I was waiting for Him to let the other shoe drop.

My husband and I had been through a tough season with a bunch of trials where one thing happened after another and without realizing it, my view of God had become distorted.

I took another look at who He really is in the Bible. One day, he showed me something in the very familiar story of Adam and Eve. I doubt there are many people who haven’t heard Adam and Eve’s story. Most know Eve ate the forbidden fruit after being tempted by the snake and Adam followed right along and ate some of the fruit also. After that choice death came into the world.

Before they made the choice to eat the forbidden fruit, God created a beautiful garden, and this is where Adam and Eve lived. They took care of the garden and were over all the animals. Adam and Eve didn’t know about death or pain and they interacted with God. This was God’s design from the beginning.

He also gave Adam and Eve the gift of choice. They could eat anything in the garden except the fruit from one tree. When the snake came along and tempted Eve, she made the choice to eat from the forbidden plant.

Since then death, pain, and other things that come from sin, came into the world.

We live in a world filled with wrong choices that we often feel the consequences from.

But, that isn’t God’s choice for us. God’s choice was life in the garden. That’s how He designed it. Now that sin is in the world though, we go through some really painful things. But God has never left his creation. He is always with us. When circumstances are really hard or painful, I can walk knowing God is walking through the storm with me, or He is going to take care of the storm, or stop the storm.

And someday things will go back to how He designed it to be. Someday, when we are heaven, He will wipe away our tears and we will live in a sinless world where there is no more death or illness.

But for now I’m in a fallen world and when things do drop into my life, He is there with me.

He promises that He will never leave me nor forsake me.


Our lives are filled with choices (and rewards and consequences). In the face of all that, it's good to know where true help lies.

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