In The Battlefield

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newspapers, and the News on T.V. are like a political battlefield.

There is some real hatred for our new President. It has brought out violence and discord in America. Many people feel threatened as many did when President Obama took office.

There is also some real hope for our new President. There are people who are excited about what could happen in our country while he is in office. This too has brought out a lot of discord in America.

I wasn't the President of the United States, but at one time I had a job where I was caught in the crossfire of work politics. It was awful. I went through all of the necessary steps to secure the position in the company. I got it over a person who other's believed was a shoe-in for that job.

Every decision, even after going through meetings and approvals from those who needed to approve the decisions, was met with disapproval. I was the bad guy making changes in the company. Changes that needed to be made in order for the company to go forward in the direction certain members of the board wanted it to go. However, there were certain members of the board who wanted the company to go in a different direction.

It was a really difficult and challenging job. I loved the challenge until I got moved under a new boss whose purpose was for the other side of the battlefield.

Battles like we are seeing in our countries politics go on every day in many different ways. People experience these battles in the government, workplaces, even down to relationships that people have with one another.

Harmony is not an easy thing to achieve among people. Even though the President got voted in to office, people are angry that he is in that position. He went down the necessary channels and he won.

Many years ago, God called a murderer out of hiding to come and lead His people out of slavery. When God called Moses, his response was along the line of , "I'm not capable of doing that."

Moses went on to lead God's people out of slavery, and to a land of promise.

The people didn't cooperate all the time when they followed Moses. No. There are many documented times the people complained and rebelled against him and his position. They had ideas of their own.

In the end the initial people didn't go into the promised land. The next generation did. And they experienced an awesome life of freedom and plenty.

Now, I am not saying Trump is our Moses. I am saying however, that I think all of the complaining and fighting among us is getting us absolutely no where, just like the generation of Israelites that didn't get to go into the promised land.

Trump has been reported to be a NEW Christian. His words get picked apart and his past gets does too. He is now on a new path, but only at the beginning of it. We as Christians can be his assistant.

God directs us as Christians to pray for those who are in authority.  Not throw mud at them. I remember how disheartened I was when Obama was in office. Just one of the reasons was because of his viewpoint on abortion. My family and I prayed to God for him and his family while he was in office.

David was opposed as the King of Israel by his own son, who turned some of  the people against him and it didn't accomplish anything but a whole lot of pain.

Proverbs says that God is the one who turns the hearts of Kings not our complaints, or anger that leads to violence.

What would happen to America if we prayed for our President? If we prayed for the decisions he was making? If we asked God to open our own eyes to what He would like to do in America?

There are so many stories in the Bible about God's people being threatened in some way and the people humbled themselves and prayed. God stepped in and took care of His people.

What would happen if we stepped down from our soap boxes and got down on our knees and prayed for our country? What would happen if we prayed for all of those in authority in our country whether they lean left or right?

I know lot's of people could give their opinion right now and start a political battlefield conversation, but before doing that...why don't we all work together and pray for our country to be strong and continue to be a country of freedom.

I don't know about you but I love living in America. I love the beauty of this land. I love the people. I love that I have the ability to go out and overcome obstacles to try to build a life that I think God wants me to have.

I really hope American's will start fighting for our country and that the Lord will bless America and all who live in this country.

Chronicles 7:14, Exodus 2,


Lynnette Bonner said…
Good words! Thanks, Linda!

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