Finding the light through the darkness

    Photo by Wayne Swanson

The other day I went for a walk without wearing a coat! Absolutely loved it. Spring weather is on its way.

Despite the fun over the Winter, the season seemed LONG! I am craving Spring more than I have in years.

This winter was colder than it normally is. We probably seem like sissy's in the Pacific Northwest to those who live in areas where it is minus degree weather. We complain about our cold weather when it is 20-30 degrees out and close schools when a snowflake falls. It's damp here, and the cold seems to settle in to a persons bones and stay forever.

Also, it was dark. Mornings were gray. The afternoon light hours seemed very short. The darkness set in very early each day.

Dark chapters in our life can blow out the light in a persons soul. It can lead to depression, loneliness and other negative things.

Life gets scary when the dark settles in for too long.

When there are those long nights of wondering if a loved one is coming home safely. Or watching someone suffer, or dealing with suffering of your own. The time can seem to last forever and sometimes does.

Every one has issues that they have been praying about for years and don't seem to be getting any conclusions. Like hoping for a loved one to be freed from their addiction. Or years of waiting for the call that tells you your missing loved one has been found. It can be a loss of a dream or something you have worked for. Discouragement can be found all over in our lives.

I'm reading the book of John that talks about the crucifixion.

Pilate kept trying to release Jesus, but the High Priests and other followers pushed for Jesus cruxificion.

Jesus arrest and cruxificion happened at night and into the next day. In the Bible it says Jesus knew the ulitmate end and purpose of that night, still I long, cold, and dark that night was for the Lord? He is God, but in the flesh, He felt things like we do, although He submitted to everything.

He was alone in the midst of people who wanted to kill Him. They hit him in the face. Pilate called for him to be flogged (What I don't get is Pilate was against Jesus being crucifed then he called for Jesus to be flogged... that makes no sense!!). He would be flogged up to 40 lashes.

To top it off, the soldiers tortured him further by putting a crown of thorns on his head, hitting and spitting in his face and mocking Him.

Dark, lonely, and cold circumstances to the MAX.

I was struck by an awesome truth though...the Bible tells us...Jesus is the LIGHT,  even in that dark time before the cross, on the cross, and afterward when the world went dark.

Jesus is still the LIGHT, although He stood in the midst of darkness, He was beat, He got nailed to the cross, He died, and the worlds darkness broke out. But still His light shined.

The light was not blown out.

When we visited the Oregon coast this last week, we saw a few lighthouses. Those lighthouse stand no matter what kind of storm hits it. The lighthouse shines its light through the dark night to help warn ships of dangerous areas and also to help navigate the ships. 

The ships trust and rely on the lighthouse. 

Darkness has a way of creeping in and seeming as though it is overcoming us. But trusting and looking to Jesus's light no matter how dim WE may think it is will lead us through dangerous waters and navigate our way.
Jesus light is bright. And His light will never stop shining. The story AFTER the cross proves that to be true.

    Photo by Wayne Swanson                                            

Photos used by permission by Wayne Swanson (The clock picture is also Wayne Swanson)

Assistant Editor Sarrah Reinhardt


koalabeebear said…
Wow I really love that and the visual was so perfect, the ability to see what you write. Love it so much!
Linda Reinhardt said…
Thank you my dear friend. You are so inspiring.
Aunt Linda ur writing is so amazing I am inspired by it. It really frame to look at things from another point of view. Thank you for all you do I'm so blessed having you apart of my life. Your always here for me with encouraging words of wisdom. I love you
Linda Reinhardt said…
I love you Heather and always there to cheer you on. I hope you will always know that.

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