I Have No Gloves!

"I have no gloves." The girl standing outside of my car said after I handed her some money. Then she showed me her red, cold hands.

I looked around our car to see if we had a spare pair and then checked to see of any of us in the car were wearing gloves. "I don't have any gloves," I said apologetically.

She showed me her hands again. "I don't have any gloves." Her face was sad. I noticed her skimpy skirt with leggings underneath; a pink backpack lay on the sidewalk.

I asked my daughter to look under the seat to see if we had any hand and foot warmers.

"I have hand warmers," she said a little frustrated. "But I have no gloves."

"I don't have any gloves." I had shaken my head before we drove away. I felt sad for her.

My first response - go to the nearby store and buy her a pair of gloves.

Until I saw the parking lot filled with cars waiting in line to park. Last minute shoppers on Christmas Eve.

Then after I bought the gloves we would have to get on the northbound freeway, curve around to catch the southbound freeway, then take the exit that led to her, who knew how long that would take.

Traffic was thick and getting thicker. People were on their way home from work and on their way to start the holiday fun...she would probably be gone by the time we got back to her.

I prayed for her.

As we drove, I wondered about her. Why was she on the corner begging? Where was her family? Where would she spend the holidays, with family, friends, under a bush for shelter? Why wasn't she a part of society? Would she be alone on Christmas Eve?

I prayed another prayer for her as we went to continue our Christmas Eve festivities. We were coming from our first family gathering, and on our way to church, and then onto another family gathering. We would be warm, safe, and with people we loved, who loved us back.
I wondered about the girl and hoped she wouldn't be alone. I prayed for her.

Years ago on the first Christmas night, Joseph was knocking on doors, "We have no place to stay."

"We have no room." He would hear.

Until finally an innkeeper allowed them to stay in his stable.

There the Lord, who came down from heaven to live among us, came into the world as a baby.

While others were in their warm shelters, Jesus was born in a dirty, stinky manger. The angels appeared to shepherds, who were not high on the social scale, to let them know that Jesus was born.
The shepherds went to see Him. They were among the first to know that a Savior of the world had been born.

Jesus could've been born anywhere, yet, God the Father planned for him to be born in a humble place.

It wasn't a fanfare beginning.

But it is so true to how God works in this world.

He goes to the stinky, dark places and reaches out to those who don't fit in society. He hears those who are brokenhearted; he heals those who are sick and hurting; he loves those who feel unloved.

He came down to walk among His people and do for them what His people could never do for themselves.

He paid the price. He gave His life.

When I heard that girl say, "I have no gloves." And I didn't have the means to help her, I prayed. I say that with confidence because of who I prayed to about her. I know, He is capable of doing more than finding her a pair of gloves.

I know just like on that first Christmas, He is faithful to show up and meet that girl right where she is at and do for her what she cannot do for herself.

Christmas is the incredible story of Jesus, who showed up.


Alexa said…
ALWAYS LOVE your writings Linda.....

Alexa said…
ALWAYS LOVE your writings Linda.....

Linda Reinhardt said…
Thank you Alexa. You are always an encourager!

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